The Game of Design was a project I worked on in a group of four. We were given items of "good design" and were instructed to create a fun way to convey the information about these items. Lots of teams went for a magazine or website approach, however, we wanted to create an interactive method of communication.
Our group had a lot of fun creating this project: we got to incorporate a lot of classroom jokes into the cards. We were all shocked by how well the final product came out. While we created the designs together, we all had different responsibilities to creating the different game assets. Bringing all the pieces together for the final look was very satisfying. We ended the semester with the best design for the class.
(Above) Pieces are laser cut, designs were laser etched, and color was UV printed.
(Below) These are the items of good design we had to incorporate; we did this as making them character cards you play as.
(Left) On the bottom of the board, we used the pattern of "good design" items we had put on the box cover (below).
(Right) We UV printed color and the logo we created so we could create a professional-looking box to hold the game.

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