Red handed was a concept created to address the lack of hand-washing during the COVID-19 pandemic. This was a group project that two other girls and I worked on to encourage better sanitation in 2020's changing environment.
Above is the design for the soap package that I created. I wanted it to be clean and minimalist, but still be able to show the product. The benefit of these soap bags is that they would not be expensive - no extra equipment - just load it in the existing bathroom soap dispensers and they're good to go.
Below is how we envision Red-Handed in the bathroom environment.
During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, we see people have been advised to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds (if not more) to prevent the spread of this infectious disease. 
Today, it is important be mindful and stop the spread of COVID-19 and other germs - we need to be considerate and keep up with important sanitary precautions.
Our target audience encompasses all ages, but aims especially at customers and employees who are outside of the house.
Consider Jacob. He's a cashier/barista at your local coffee shop. He knows coronavirus exists, but is skeptical about the whole severity of the pandemic - he believes that the media is just blowing it out of proportion. This view causes Jacob to be a little less careful when taking health safety precautions at his work. For example, when washing his hands after going to the restroom or taking a customer's cash, Jacob tends to barely scrub his hands at the sink.

From what we learned from science, this is not enough time to kill potential COVID-19 germs (or normal flu germs even). So the problem? How do we get people like Jacob to wash their hands for a full 20 seconds?
Introducing the Red-Handed Soap! 
A simple solution to a thorough hand washing!
The Red Handed Soap is a natural product that utilizes plant based dyes to tint the skin red. The red tint fades rapidly during a proper hand-washing, but will stain the skin if hastily rinsed. 
This product is unique because it reliably ensures that customers clean their hands every time!
The Red Handed Soap is simple to use! Wet your hands,  apply the soap, lather and scrub! After 20 seconds, the red tint will fade away and you can rinse your hands like normal!
Above are some drawings done by my teammates showing the process.

I took the task of figuring out our brand. Obviously, I had to use a variation of red. I played around with different colors and settled on a less saturated red that paired well with both white and black ink - not too bright so it wouldn't hurt the eyes, but also not so dark that it would look like blood. I then played around with the hand icon that I had envisioned for the logo. My initial attempts consisted of funky fonts and very flat hand imagery, however, they didn't quite look as professional and often came off reading as "red honded".
Finally, we settled on the design below. Using the warp tool, I created a hand shape that was slightly more sculpted to look like an "A". I paired this with the sans serif font "Avenir Next" for a clean, industrial look - perfect for the audience we are aiming for (companies/industries).

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