Throughout summer of 2020, I did a 5 month long internship with Retreat Magazine, a fashion, travel, and beauty magazine based in Australia. Due to the pandemic, all my work was remote - but I made do with what I had. Using the Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop, I helped the magazine create assets.
During my application process, I made a layout for them using a typography style guide and a few pictures that they gave me. It was a good opportunity to brush up on my InDesign skills and gave me a lot of creative freedom.
The rest of my work at the magazine consisted of helping create clean mockups and many advertisements for their social medias. Retreat had a very sleek and clean aesthetic, which I absolutely loved working on.
Retreat also sells merchandise such as yoga mats and yoga bags, which they often pair with their newest Poolside Issue when purchased. I helped Retreat create some yoga mats designs to be produced for their new collection. They gave me a series of images that they wanted printed, and using various tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom, I was able to play around, shift images, and create cute designs to fit the dimensions of the mats.
My freshman year at UT Austin I applied for a spot as a layout designer at Spark Magazine - UT's student fashion magazine. I got the position and had my very first experience working as a designer for a team (consisting of a writer, a stylist, a photographer, and two models). This spread is the layout I created for "The Glory of Tacky" in Spark Magazine's Issue No. 11.
During my freshman and sophomore years, I joined Orange Magazine. This publication was focused on ATX style, fashion, music, news, tips, and more. Orange Magazine gave a lot of creative freedom, and I enjoyed working alongside my peers and running by ideas with my design teammates.
The above graphics were created for the article "Body Cybersession" in Orange's 2019 Print Magazine. This article was focused on the detrimental effect of social media on people in today's society.
The illustration above was created for the article "On Family and Feminism" for Orange's Print Issue. The author talked heavily on her Tamil heritage, so I wanted to convey that in the illustration.
The above illustration was for an online article on cafe playlists.
The above illustrations are for an online article on making bread. This was my very first attempt at a gif.
The above illustration was created for an article on food euphemisms in the 1800s. I modeled this illustration after Kim Kardashian's iconic pose with a champagne bottle.

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