Hatano Sen is a startup selling Handcrafted Katana Steel Accessories. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more are made from authentic Japanese crafters in Japan, and shipped and sold right here from Austin, Texas.
I helped the founder and CEO, Gabriel Chan, re-design his older website on Shopify to create a more clean and formal look. As a Japanese American myself, this project was a fun way of putting many of my cultural values into my design.
I worked on several wireframes, some sketched in my sketchbook, and some mocked-up in Adobe Illustrator. I met one-on-one several times with Gabriel to make sure I was going in the direction he wanted. We'd go through the mockups and look at the aspects we liked and disliked. After a couple rounds of iterations, we settled on a final one. I was given access to his Shopify domain and was able to redesign it myself. When it was done, Gabriel published the new site on July 1st, and we saw an increase in sales.
In addition, I did some product photography for the new set of rings that got shipped in. My father does Aikido, a Japanese martial art, and Gabriel and I figured there was nothing more authentic than to have him model the katana rings. The photos below were taken on my Canon Rebel T6 and edited with Adobe Lightroom to bring out the detail and colors.
Schools Love Local is a startup business focused on combining Austin's culture of supporting schools with local businesses. All the fundraising items are brought to customers by unique businesses in central Texas.
Above are the business cards that I designed for Schools Love Local. The front contained the title and logo of the business, along with the  slogan "support schools by supporting local businesses" underneath. The back of the card had the contact information for the owner, Ann Okamura (my mom), and a graphic I made to show that we are located in "the heart of Texas".
Here is an introduction video I made to help promote the business.
Cancer Zombie Attack is a game built of UT's Dell Medical Center. It was created to teach UT medical students about treatments.
The game needed some graphics - mainly illustrations - for the title, win, and losing screens. I helped create these with my peer Steven Le. Together we tackled the ideas and drawings in a night.
The player is either assigned the role of the zombie or of the doctor.
The two images below are the graphics for the zombie victory screen and the doctor victory screen.
PostFightPodcast, or PFP, is a podcast hosted by Arman Nazerian and Treyvon Kentrell Coker discussing everything going on in the world of combat sports and bouncing thoughts on various fighters and match ups off of each other.
Above are the final iterations that I sent to the hosts of the podcast to look over. Arman requested "PFP" to be in the logo, as well as the common octagonal shape of the UFC ring. From there, I set to work, choosing to stick with the classic colors of UFC fights - red and blue. 
A lot of the process was playing with type. I wanted something strong and bold with sharp edges - the typography had to match the feel of the sport. I also played around with the PFP logo using the "F" from the UFC logo, however, due to uncertainty about the copyright behind it, we decided not to use. it.

In the end, Post Fight Podcast decided to go with choice "d", shown to the left. It was simple, clean, and worked well at any size, making it perfect for their social media and Youtube's profile picture.

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