This was a passion project that I did for my Intro to Design class. This has been one of my favorite projects to work on -- learning the 3D modeling software was very difficult, but was challengingly fun.
Originally going into this, I thought that I wouldn't like working with 3D software. However, afterwards, I felt comfortable and even enthusiastic about product & 3D design (almost as much as I was in graphics). We were told to create and conceptualize a store/shop/workspace that could be made out of two shipping containers - and then brand for them. I love food, and have a passion for bettering myself and trying to eat healthier and more organic, so I decided to create a health food shack. This shack would be called Euphoric Foods, and it would specialize in selling and serving the foods that are good for your body - and ultimately make you feel the best you. I added an additional window and patio for selling house açai bowls to customers.
Through my research, lots of the best-tasting fruit came from tropical areas such as Hawaii. I wanted to give this island-fresh look through the color scheme. I went for greens and blues with splashes of yellow - all colors were on the muted side to give a soothing look. I put these colors at the bottom of my poster, which I used to tie the whole presentation together.
Below is my very first attempt at Adobe XD and modeling a website. I believed that EuphoricFoods' website should be vibrant and colorful and convey a sense of natural beauty and health. Below is a video click through and the planning and wireframes that I did.

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