This was a passion project I did to improve my use of type. I chose my favorite font, Calder, and created a whole brand focused around it. I've always liked the aesthetic of hotel branding so I wanted to do something along those lines, but with a rustic style twist. I chose a space (Eastwind Hotel & Bar) that best reflected this look, and created a logo that combined the unique geometries of the architecture with the shapes of the font. Once the logo was done, I created four different assets that "Eastview Cabin & Bar", my rendition, could use.
Above are the business card assets (again note that Eastview is not real, however the cabin pictured is one from a hotel and bar called Eastwind).
Above are the keys/keychains to the cabins, meant to be engraved in pine wood. Modeled after old fashioned motel keys, but with a more modern-day aesthetic.
Above is what Eastview's bar menu would look like. It would be a single board with black canvas and white font for the drink options. On the left is a strip of pine wood engraved with the title, "Eastview Bar".
Above is the large-scale presentation of this type face, which I would make use of with environmental typography. It would be on a wall in the check in lobby and would be great for photo-ops and social media tagging. The bottom panel would be natural pine wood with the black and orange wallpaper.

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