Aquaguard was a project I created with a group of four, focused on providing self defense for college students. A big issue today is safety; our campus has had several incidents in the past. Mace and pepper spray often proves ineffective, since most attacks are by surprise and the victim never has time to get the items out of their bag. Because of this, we wanted to create an item that can be carried around everywhere -- something that was multi-use but still accessible in less than seconds.​​​​​​​
The item above is our completed high fidelity prototype of Aquaguard. It is a self-defense waterbottle that contains a dull hidden blade in a secret section. The blade is sharp, but short and dull enough not to cause fatal damage to the attacker -- just to immobile them enough for the user to escape. The holes that you see on the blade (which in reality would be stainless steel) are so you can put tea leaves inside to infuse your water with flavor. This brand's motto: "Quench your thirst, with safety first!".

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